Photograph of Gigi Blin, the owner's grandpa from Italy

Gigi Blin grew up at the turn of the century in the Po Valley, Veneto region of Italy.  He was a man of the land, innovative in agricultural and renowned for producing the best quality watermelons.  He believed in doing things the proper way, consistent, no short cuts and always with integrity.  These are the values that we will try to represent at our store.

Marc and Iwona, the owners

Gigi Blin Market Cafe is an independent, owner operated cafe and grocery store situated in a historic building (circa 1905) at 1400 West 70th Avenue in Marpole. Since opening in June 2015, the cafe has engaged a loyal following of commuters and neighbourhood patrons who have enjoyed the fine baked croissants, grilled panini and the many espresso beverages created by the the beautiful Vittoria Arduino machine.  

Groceries at Gigi Blin Market Cafe

Gigi Blin’s market comprises of unique local and European items which are sourced from both specialty distributors as well as small independent local producers.  Both Market and Cafe harmoniously serve the patrons at Gigi Blin.